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Parent Coaching and Family Counseling

We often recommend parent coaching as one of the best strategies for helping families. Parent coaching involves one or both parents meeting with a counselor to get guidance on a particular parenting challenge. These sessions will take a look at what is working, what isn’t working and provide practical strategies for improving communication and connection that strengthens relationships. Counselors can provide understanding of a child’s developmental needs, consider school and other environmental influences, and address challenges within the marriage related to parenting. We provide tools that address concerns from both a biblically integrated and emotionally healthy approach. Parents leave feeling more equipped to face family challenges and more confident in their ability to provide a nurturing environment that promotes healthy family bonds.

We believe God designed families to be the primary training ground for children to experience love and learn to relate. Family counseling helps uncover and address underlying issues within the family system that are preventing healthy connection and individual growth. These sessions allow for a counselor and all members of the family to meet together. Within these sessions, family members practice better ways of relating that promotes honesty and care for each other, allows for individual differences and inspires a sense of belonging within the family system.