New Name: Willow Springs Counseling was formerly Wellspring Counseling. Read about it →

Child and Adolescent Counseling

We work with children starting at age 4 through adolescence. We utilize a family systems approach to assess and address individual, family and environmental factors that impact a child’s well-being. Our individual sessions provide tools that help youth reflect and understand the factors influencing their choices. Then, we consider new ways to relate to self and others that are sustainable and encourage positive growth. As part of the family systems approach, we provide occasional sessions with youth and their parent/s present. These collaborative sessions are handled with sensitivity toward maintaining confidentiality and involve thoughtful preparation by all parties. Within the safety of the counselor’s guidance, the youth and his parent/s are encouraged to share what they are learning. We find that these sessions strengthen bonds between the parent/s and youth and set the family system up for developing better patterns of relating.

At Willow Springs, we recognize that parents are the primary source of ongoing support and guidance for their children. Their participation in the counseling process promotes better long-term outcomes. Counseling is not a quick fix for a youth’s behavioral or mental health issues, but it is a caring partnership that equips them with insight and tools to better navigate life’s challenges.