New Name: Willow Springs Counseling was formerly Wellspring Counseling. Read about it →

Individual Counseling

We all face challenges in our lives, but when you find yourself overwhelmed, stuck, or alone in these difficulties, individual counseling can help.

Willow Springs counselors value the importance of building a trusting relationship with their clients, a relationship based on care. We bring years of training and experience that help us understand the complexity of personal and relational challenges and we consider strategies for change that take into account the mental, physical and spiritual needs of each client. We develop individualized plans that are goal oriented so clients understand what they are working on and why. As a counseling team, our core values are based in the Christian faith and we have all been trained in both evidenced based psychology and biblical counseling approaches. We will always respect the values and preferences of our clients, but our standard for care and interventions will remain consistent with God’s design for love and relationships.

One specialization that is dear to our hearts is providing care for pastors and ministry leaders. We understand the unique challenges of church leadership and want to provide a confidential space for ministry leaders to process personal and professional struggles and get equipped with the resources they need to continue leading and serving.

Take a look at the Willow Springs Team to find a counselor that specializes in what you need.