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Couple’s Counseling

We provide marriage counseling, premarital counseling, marriage enrichment sessions, and specialized counseling for couple’s recovering from betrayal. All couples will experience conflict and challenges in their relationship, but when conflicts remain unresolved and challenges create ongoing distance, marriage counseling can be helpful. Furthermore, research suggests the sooner struggles are addressed, the easier it is to help couples get unstuck and develop a better pattern of relating. Common issues addressed in marriage counseling include helping couples understand God’s design for marriage, their individual styles of relating and how this influences their pattern of relating together, ways to communicate that builds connection and improves their sexual relationship, and approaching extended family and parenting issues as a team.

Premarital counseling and marriage enrichment sessions are geared to be preventative, helping couple’s further develop the knowledge, understanding and communication skills necessary to navigate problem areas as they arise. Many of our counselors are certified in the Prepare/Enrich inventory and we find this to be a helpful tool in providing understanding of a couple’s strengths and weaknesses.

Finally, many of our counselors have specialized training to work with distressed couples who are recovering from betrayal. These are wounds that break trust and deeply affect the couple bond. We work in stages with couples, helping them reconcile and rebuild a foundation of trust and assisting them in developing new patterns of relating that build intimacy and protect them from future intrusions.